NameDescriptionTypeAdditional information
Warehouse The warehouse that the product is in. WarehouseIDTypeModel None.
StockLocations Collection of StockLocationIDTypeModel None.
CartonQuantity The carton Quantity for the product. integer None.
LeadTime The Lead Time for the product. integer None.
ContainsHazardousMaterials Whether the product contains hazardous materials. boolean None.
IsFragile Whether the product is Fragile boolean None.
UnitOfMeasure The products unit of measure. UnitOfMeasure None.
Weight The Weight of the product this is returned in kg. decimal number None.
Packaging The Packaging size for the product. PackagingBaseModel None.
PackagingQuantity This now deprecated PackagingQuantityDecimal should be used. integer None.
PackagingQuantityDecimal The Packaging Quantity for the product. How much will fit within a given packaging size. decimal number None.
ProductTypeDescription The product type this is used when dispatching an order. For customs declarations etc. string String length: inclusive between 0 and 50
DetailedProductTypeDescription Detailed product type description. string String length: inclusive between 0 and 200
ProductComposition The composition of the product. Wood, Metal etc. string String length: inclusive between 0 and 200
ProductHarmonizedCode The Harmonzided code for the product string Matching regular expression pattern: ^(?=(?:.{6}|.{8}|.{10}|.{12})$)[0-9]*$
RecordSerialNumberOnBarcodeDespatch When despatching an order via barcode despatch, a window will pop up to record the serial number. boolean None.