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These APIs use OAuth authentication.

You first need to make a request to get an access token by POSTing to /Token with the following body content:


The username parameter is the email address of your API user account (URL-encoded).

The client_id parameter is your API key.

The response from this request is always in JSON format, and includes an 'access_token' property which you can use in subsequent API requests by including the following header:

Authorization: Bearer {access_token}

Inputs / Outputs

For POST requests, the body content can be in either XML or JSON format. You can define the body format with one of the following headers:

Content-Type: application/xml
Content-Type: application/json

Similarly, the response format can be either XML or JSON. Use either of the following headers:

Accept: application/xml
Accept: application/json

DELETE and PUT requests can, if required, be made as a POST request by using the X-HTTP-Method-Override header, as follows:

X-HTTP-Method-Override: PUT


X-HTTP-Method-Override: DELETE


This API is rate limited and requests will be throttled if these limits are exceeded:

Per Second: 3

Per Minute: 60

Per Hour: 3000

Per Day: 18000

Time Output

Note: All datetime values exported from the API will be in UTC