PATCH suppliers/{supplierid}

Partially update a Supplier. Leave any fields null which you do not wish to update.

Request Information

URI Parameters

NameDescriptionTypeAdditional information
supplierid The ID of the Supplier to update integer Required

Body Parameters

The Supplier object

NameDescriptionTypeAdditional information
SupplierID The ID for the supplier. integer Required
Name The supplier name. string None.
SupplierGUID The Guid for the Supplier. This cannot be updated globally unique identifier None.
SupplierAddress The Suppliers Address. AddressModel None.
SupplierCode The code for the Supplier. string Max length: 20
Email The Suppliers Email Address. string None.
MinimumOrderValue The minimum order value allowed for the supplier. decimal number None.
SendBelowReorderLevelEmail This determines whether automatic emails are sent when a product goes below the reorder level. boolean None.
BelowReorderLevelReportRecipientEmailAddress A list of emails that will the Reorder level report will be sent to. Collection of string None.
Reference Your reference for the supplier. string None.
AccountNumber Your account number with the supplier. string None.
CurrencyCode The ISO 4217 Currency Code string None.
RecalculateSupplierCost Setting true when updating the currency will convert the currency values boolean None.
SuppliersReference The suppliers reference for you. string Max length: 20

Request Formats

application/json, text/json

  "SupplierID": 0,
  "Name": "Supplier 1",
  "SupplierGUID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
  "SupplierAddress": {
    "FirstName": "John",
    "LastName": "Smith",
    "Company": "Supplier 1",
    "Address1": "123 Example Street",
    "Address2": "Example borough",
    "Suite": "Suite Name",
    "City": "Example City",
    "State": "State",
    "Postcode": "NG7 2RR",
    "Country": "United Kingdom",
    "PhoneNumber": "01234123456"
  "SupplierCode": "sup1",
  "Email": "",
  "MinimumOrderValue": 100.0,
  "SendBelowReorderLevelEmail": true,
  "BelowReorderLevelReportRecipientEmailAddress": [
  "Reference": "sf1",
  "AccountNumber": "yourCompany1",
  "CurrencyCode": "GBP",
  "RecalculateSupplierCost": false,
  "SuppliersReference": "SuppliersReference"

application/xml, text/xml

<SupplierPatchModel xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  <Name>Supplier 1</Name>
    <Company>Supplier 1</Company>
    <Address1>123 Example Street</Address1>
    <Address2>Example borough</Address2>
    <Suite>Suite Name</Suite>
    <City>Example City</City>
    <Postcode>NG7 2RR</Postcode>
    <Country>United Kingdom</Country>

Response Information

Resource Description

Partially update a Supplier. Leave any fields null which you do not wish to update.



Response Formats

application/json, text/json


Sample not available.