NameDescriptionTypeAdditional information
PurchaseOrderLineID Purchase Order Line ID integer None.
ProductSKU Product SKU associated with the line string None.
QtyOrdered Number of units ordered integer None.
QtyReceived Number of units received integer None.
PurchaseOrderDetailsStatus PurchaseOrderDetailsStatusEnum None.
SinglePrice decimal number None.
TaxRate The Tax Rate for the purchase order line item decimal number None.
LineVat decimal number None.
LineTotal decimal number None.
DeliveryStatusID integer None.
DeliveryStatus string None.
QtyWrittenOff decimal number None.
CartonQty integer None.
AddedByUserID integer None.
BookedInByUserID integer None.
TotalUnitsOrdered integer None.
TotalUnitsReceived integer None.
TotalUnitsWrittenOff integer None.
LineNotes Any notes added to the purchase order line. string None.