NameDescriptionTypeAdditional information
Product Details of the Product associated with the Supplier ProductSuppliersProductModel None.
Supplier Details of the Supplier associated with the Product ProductSuppliersSupplierModel None.
SupplierSKU Supplier-specific SKU for the product string None.
PriorityOrder The Priority that the supplier has for the Product integer None.
IsDefaultSupplierForProduct Indicates whether the Supplier is the Default (i.e. highest priority) for the Product boolean None.
CostPrice The Cost Price of the Product from the Supplier decimal number None.
SupplierStockLevel The level of inventory that the Supplier has for the Product integer None.
SupplierCartonQty Supplier Carton Quantity integer None.
SuppliersReference The suppliers reference for you. string None.
SupplierMinOrderAmount The Minimum amount of stock allowed to be ordered integer None.