NameDescriptionTypeAdditional information
ProductID The ID of the Product integer None.
SKU The Sku of the Product. string None.
Name The name that was given to the product. string None.
ProductGUID The Guid of the product. globally unique identifier None.
ParentProduct The Parent product of the product. ProductBaseModel None.
ProductType The product type. For instance: Kit, Simple, Parent. ProductType None.
Suppliers The suppliers specified for the product. Collection of ProductSupplierModel None.
GlobalTradeIdentifiers This container contains items like EAN, UPC and additional barcodes ProductGlobalTradeIdentifiers None.
WarehouseInformation This contains warehouse information like Pickbin, WarehouseZone etc. ProductWarehouseInformationModel None.
PricingInformation Product pricing info for instance: Price, RRP, Includes VAT. TaxClass ProductPricingInfoModel None.
InventoryInformation A container to hold all of the inventory information for the product. ProductInventoryInfoModel None.
Categories The categories that the product is a part of. Collection of CategoryBaseModel None.
Brand The brand of the product string None.
Description The products Description string None.
Archived The products archived status boolean None.
IsAkit Whether the product is a kit or not. boolean None.
ProductImages Collection of ProductImageModel None.
ManufacturerPartNumber The products Manufacturer Part number. string None.
CreatedOnDate The created date of the product. date None.
LastModifiedDate The last modified Date of the product. date None.
Children The child products associated to the parent. Collection of ProductChildModel None.
CustomAttributes The custom Attributes for the product. Collection of ProductCustomAttributeModel None.
ProductAdditions Collection of ProductAdditionsModel None.
ProductSpecialAttribute The Products Special Attribute. string None.