NameDescriptionTypeAdditional information
ChannelId This is the Channel that the order was placed on. integer Required
ChannelOrderRef This is the order reference that was supplied by the Channel. string Required
OrderTotals This is the Order Total OrderTotalsModel None.
CustomerReference This is the customer reference for the order. string None.
CustomerEmail This is the customer email. string None.
BillingAddress This is the billing address for the order. AddressModel Required
ShippingAddress This is the shipping address for the order. AddressModel Required
ShippingTotal This is the total shipping cost. decimal number None.
OrderDate This is the date that the order was placed. This is returned in UTC time. date None.
PaymentMethod This is the Payment Method that was used to pay for the order. string None.
PaymentID This is the Payment ID that was assigned to the order. string None.
ChannelShippingMethod This is the shipping method information that the order Channel provided to StoreFeeder. string None.
SpecialInstructions This is a list of any special instructions that were stored against the order. string None.
CurrencyCode This is the 3-character currency code of the order, e.g. GBP, USD string None.
ExchangeRate This is the exchange rate of the order currency to the default currency on the account at the time the order was imported into StoreFeeder. decimal number None.
OrderLines This is a list of the details of each individual line in the order. Collection of CreateOrderLineModel Required